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More than one million people of African descent live in Germany. They participate in shaping this country - as parents, journalists, cleaners, pastors, Afroshop owners, pensioners, sports stars, presenters, musicians, carers, activists, researchers and much more. In the large #AFROZENSUS online survey, which took place from July to September 2020 Black, African and Afro-diasporic people wwre invited to share their life realities, discrimination experiences and perspectives for the first time.

The aim of #AFROZENSUS is to obtain as comprehensive a picture as possible of the experiences of people of African descent in Germany, how they assess their lives in Germany and what they expect from politics and society. The results of the #AFROZENSUS online survey will be made available to communities and policy makers. In this way, a demographic group in Germany which is severely affected by intersectional discrimination can finally attain the public visibility that is needed for a better representation of their interests.

Based on the results of the #AFROZENSUS online survey, concrete measures will be proposed to reduce racial discrimination and to protect and promote people of African descent in Germany.

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The #AFROZENSUS online survey is closed for this round. We are pleased that several thousand people have responded to the call and taken part in the survey. Thank you very much for your time and support! The Afrozensus team is now working on a further qualitative part of the research, consisting of interviews and focus groups, and is evaluating the online survey in parallel. The results of #AFROZENSUS will be published as a report in spring 2021.

You could not be part of it? No worries: #AFROZENSUS is designed as a panel, i.e. the survey is to be repeated in the future - as soon as the financial means are secured.

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